Who We Are

Axiom Studios is a dynamic full-service Creative Management Company dedicated to the power of visual imaging, communications and the art of storytelling. With over 25 years of collective experience spanning across all digital media platforms within and outside of the entertainment industry, exceptional talent is at our core, making YOUR best work part of OUR DNA. Whether we take the lead or assist your internal teams to streamline your story, our clients inspire us – our work inspires our clients and our partnership inspires your audience!


CEO and Co-Founder

With over 25 years of leadership experience in the Entertainment Industry, he has been instrumental in pioneering the development of custom content and imagery from ideation through execution, production, management, preservation, distribution, licensing and ultimately monetization. In addition to his role in Axiom, Ray also serves as CEO of X-DAM digital asset management systems (DAM), an enterprise call DAM system that provides a secure workflow and archive storage system for all types of assets.

Prior to his roles at AXIOM and XDAM, Ray held positions as Senior Vice President, Photography & New Media at NBCUniversal and Vice President, Photography & New Media at The Walt Disney Company and ABC Television Network. His leadership in these divisions set the standard of excellence that has made them industry leaders in photo creation, management, distribution and asset capitalization for Entertainment Broadcast and Cable Group.


President and Co-Founder

Before joining Ray Slay to form Axiom Studios, Damien was the owner & CEO of The Gough Group. Comprising of Brown+Partners, Brand Agent, Platinum Imaging and Artizen Studios, the Gough Group had more than 30 years as an industry leader in the marketing, ad and branding agency for some of the world’s leading jewelers and designers, as well as the food and beverage industry. They also rose to become one of the most sought-after digital photography, high-end retouching and high-quality fine art printing companies through the Platinum Imaging and Artizen Studios, both of which are divisions of The Gough Group.

Prior to The Gough Group, Damien was the President of Laser Tech Color, a startup pre-media production company, as well as holding roles as Sr. Vice President of North American Sales role for EI DuPont Printing and Publishing and Vice President of Sales for Crosfield Electronics for North America

The team

Under the combined leadership of Ray’s creative vision and unparalleled career and Damien’s experience with color image technologies from engineering to sales and marketing, they have created a diverse team comprised of some of the best producers, editors, retouchers, digital asset managers, metadata specialists and creative directors in the business. Their talent, expertise and passion for what they do makes the AXIOM team a virtual powerhouse in the art of storytelling and digital production and preservation. Our team is the very core of AXIOM STUDIOS, driving our mission of excellence in providing the very best in creative innovation for our clients.